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The majority of our animals up for adoption are stray animals. They are given a basic behavioral assessment and tested for food and dog aggression. We do not have medical (other than shots they receive here) or behavioral background information on them. We can not guarantee the disposition of any animal or that the animal is house broken.

Would you like to help out your local Animal Shelter?

Augusta Animal Services is always accepting the following items as donations:

Dog Biscuits (not rawhide)
Cat Litter
Laundry Detergent
Dish Detergent
Canned Dog & Cat food
Cash Donations
Dog/Puppy Flea Shampoo
Cat/Kitten Flea Shampoo

Donations may be dropped off at our shelter during our adoption hours, Monday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm.

Thank you!

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Impound Fees
Companion Animal

$50.00 1st offense

$100.00 2nd offense

$200.00 3rd offense


$100.00 1st offense

$400.00 2nd offense

$600.00 3rd offense

Board All Animals

$20.00 a day each day open to public

Rabies Vaccination

$20.00 (if no proof of current vaccination)

Voluntary surrender

No fee