Augusta Georgia Agenda Item
Public Service Committee Meeting
12/10/2012 1:50 PM
Georgia Power Governmental Encroachment Agreement for Easement

Department: Recreation, Parks and Facilities
Caption: Motion to approve a Georgia Power Encroachment Agreement for Easement for the Butler Creek Park Project.
Background: The Georgia Power Company consents for Augusta, Georgia to use an area within the Company's subject electric transmission line right of ways as exist on property described and referred to as Butler Creek Park.
Analysis: Plans and specifications for park development and usage as submitted by Augusta, Georgia and its consultant on this project, W. K. Dickson, Inc. meet the Georgia Power Company's approval provided the provisions of this agreement are executed.
Financial Impact: N/A
Alternatives: 1. To Approve 2. Move No Action thus delaying the development of this park project.
Recommendation: 1. To Approve
Funds are Available in the Following Accounts: N/A
Clerk of Commission